It is the policy of Edenreach to comply with, and go beyond, the minimum compliance of all statutory requirements, permissions, and authorizations. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations, preventing pollution, and working for the continued improvement in our environmental performance.

The management of Edenreach will provide every employee with the training necessary to conduct their everyday work with regard to the environment, making sure to use up-to date energy efficient techniques will be used in all aspects of its operations where possible. However, if an employee is unsure how to perform a certain task or feels it would jeopardize the wellbeing of the environment to perform a specific job, then it is the employee’s duty to report this to their line manager.

Edenreach shall ensure an efficient use of its resources by incorporating appropriate opportunities for waste minimization and to re-use and recycle where appropriate.

While Edenreach’s management will exert all reasonable effort, it is acknowledged that everyone connected to the business has a responsibility to protect the environment while acomplishing their work tasks. Therefore , we will promote constructive communication  with site representatives, relevant authorities, and other bodies where practicable. To achieve the abovementioned, we will:

  • Ensure that we comply with UK and relevant international environmental legislation.
  • Imrpove the environmental performance of each and every one of our properties and sites, reducing energy, water and waste.
  • We aim to establish, implement and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) to meet the requirements of all relevant environmental standards.
  • Install safeguards to guard against any substantial environmental effects and elements resulting from our work activities.
  • Reduce the environmental effect of all physical assets under our control throughout their entire cycles, including disposal.
  • Provide employee training to raise employees’ environmental awareness and ensure that environmental concerns are taken into account when managing our properties and planning, carrying out, and working on all projects, as well as keep employees’ training logs as a future reference.
  • Promote a sustainable approach to business, in partnership with our clients and other stakeholders by conserving energy, minimising consumption, preferring low pollution materials, maximising efficiency, and implementing the Waste Hierarchy.
  • Ensure that sustainability factors are taken into account when making decisions about our overall business plan.
  • Establishing measurable environmental objectives and targets. These will be monitored and reviewed to evaluate the effectiveness of this environmental policy.
  • Are committed to reduce our emissions as well as supporting the UK’s transition towards a net-zero carbon economy.

An effective environmental policy requires continuous communication between workers at all levels and we encourage all to seek positive improvements in environmental performance. Edenreach’s environmental policy will be continually monitored and updated, as our companies ethos evolves.

Any employees that have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve this policy, please contact our Compliance Officer.

This policy shall be reviewed within two years from the date it has been adopted on.








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